Who is CBP?

Prof. Dr. Ir. Clem Hiel
Dr. Hiel comes from the Waasland and completed his engineering studies in Antwerp, Brussels (VUB), and Virginia Tech (USA). He immigrated to the United States and worked at NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) for 15 years where he was in charge of the engineering department. Later, he established the company CSSI (Composite Support & Solutions Inc.), specialised in high-tech and materials applications. He is part-time professor at the Free University of Brussels, where he lectures on "New Materials" and "Technology" in the air and space industry. He recently received a medal of the "Institut Royal Des Elites du Travail de Belgique" from King Albert II, in recognition of his innovations.
CBP Partner
2008 Charles Pankow award
The 2008 Opal Awards

Mr Marc Hiel
Is managing director of "Bakkerij Marc". Marc wanted to keep his bakery clean by eliminating the use of grease and thus offer his customers a superior baked product. He has been the driving force behind the development of composite baking tins and the establishment of CBP. Marc has twenty years of experience in baking processes and the related technology.
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Prof. Dr. P.M. (Mac) Puckett
Dr. Puckett has more than 20 years experience in the discovery of new materials, their development and marketing. This chiefly concerns new composites and processes for the manufacture of composite components with these materials. He has experience as a scientist and as a manager in material development and has travelled the world to discuss the unique role and value of composites as well as the unique role of these materials in better and healthier products for our modern world.
CBP Partner, General Manager


Marc and Berlinda Hiel open a Bakery-Pastry shop in Zwijndrecht, Belgium. Marc is already studying ways to improve the maintenance and cleaning of baking tins in order to produce a healthier end product.

Marc and his brother Clem, who is an engineer at NASA, start studying the possibility to develop new composites that can be used with temperatures from -40°C to +250°C, without distortion and with a better baking result.

After many tests they manage to come up with a formula that complied with all strict requirements.

Together with Mac Pucket, a global expert in the field of composites, the Hiel brothers establish "Clean Baking Products". The aim is to start producing and selling very innovative composite baking tins.

CBP obtains the European certificate for food-safe material.

CBP obtains the certificate of the Food and Drug Administration.

CBP wins the award of the most innovative and revolutionary product at the IBA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf (Germany). This recognition is very much valued by the professional and artisanal world as well as by home bakers.

Exports from Belgium to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden start.

Establishment of a demo and research shop in Zwijndrecht.

Deliveries outside the EU: Chile, Argentina and the USA. Further extension of the range.

Design and implementation of "Tailor-made" solutions for professional users.